Cellopoint Email Encryption Protects Your Most Confidential Information

According to statistics from Osterman Research, 80% of companies use email to send order information or details of corporate transactions. These emails containing large amounts of confidential corporate information; the leakage of this information may cause companies grievous losses. Nevertheless, the vast majority of firms and organizations regard the leakage of confidential information as merely chance incidents, and consider their emails to be relatively secure. This kind of casual attitude may cause financial losses, lead to great damage to corporate reputation, and may even violate government regulations. Many countries have passed information privacy laws and regulations in recent years in order to encourage firms and government agencies to protect the security of their confidential information during the transition process. These regulations include HIPAA, GLBA, California SB-1386, and PIPEDA. The use of an email encryption solution can reduce the chance that sensitive information will be disclosed, while ensuring that the enterprise is faithfully upholding relevant regulations.

Unlike client-end email encryption methods, Cellopoint's email encryption solution employs a gateway encryption method. This approach avoids the drawbacks of client-end encryption—such as complexity, difficult management, high deployment costs, and impossibility of extension to external users—while offering convenient deployment and management. There is no need to install any software on client PCs, and the system can be used by various types of users. Users are shielded from the complexity of the email encryption process. Instead, the solution simplifies the corporate email security process, and maintains the security of communication with external users who do not use email encryption. Cellopoint's email encryption program offers HTTPS and S/MIME modes, and can encrypt all email or certain email depending on the organization's preset policies, ensuring that your sensitive email data is protected.