Cellopoint Email Certificates brings security to your Email

Spoofing scam such as counterfeit email is endless recently. Hackers use social engineering guising governments’, enterprises’ or individuals’ official documents, or anonymous letters, which intend to spread rumors, or deceive the recipient opening malicious or backdoor mail. In this kind of mail, financial fraud is the mainly purpose, and people are hard to prevent it. The most shocking news recently is transnational crime robs the 260 million Taiwan dollars, the criminals use a same name foreign accounts, via email disguised as a well-known bank, requesting termination and withdrew its fund. The mail was sent with imitate content and bank logo. It looks identical to the legitimate organization's materials. The custodian bank mistakenly believed this message and fraudulently transferred funds, caused huge losses.

Cellopoint Lab says that staff did not have sufficient knowledge of fraud to identify the indicators that fraud may have been committed. Hackers can easily pass through the security firewall of hardware and software; and scam the personal account passwords and financial information. They can thieve or modify important information which causes poor reputation and it just get more serious as other forms of hacking attacks.

General mail counterfeiting practices include:
1. Header fraud: the mail subject is disguised as document title, such as "2007 employee purchase program", "XX general manager’s open letter to employees", "Information Center bulletin."
2. Bogus sender: pretend as colleagues, competitors, vendors, customers, or government institutions.
3. Content falsification: hackers intercept legitimate mail, doctor with the email content then sent to the recipient.
4. Fake URL links: lure users to click on a fake website.
5. Embedded e-mail form: a form transfers back the user’s input to hackers.

Cellopoint Lab explains that the fundamental solution is to add identity verification to email, made it identified as a truly genuine sender / sending unit, and its content without altered. Certificates can be applied on as email digital signatures. Sending email with digital signatures provides the Integrity of email, Authentication and Non-Repudiation. Just like a confirmation of the identity of senders or a security label, it prevents mail counterfeiting effectively.

There are many ways to add a digital signature, the most common one is via email software such as Outlook Express, but it is too complex and not easy to promote to the end users, not to mention to enforce them. Cellopoint digital mail signature solution is based on the gateways endorsement way to achieve anti-counterfeiting mail function. Users do not have to install security certificates. The implementation into various organizational units is easy. It supports all most famous certificate issuers, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for business and individual and Government Agency/Unit Certificate (GCA). The use of Cellopoint digital email signature solution for enterprises and organizations lowers the security risk and enhances credibility.