Email Auditing Stands Guard over Corporate Email

Taipei–March 04 , 2008–Many prominent web sites in Taiwan and abroad have recorded data losses since 2007, and the situation appears to be getting worse and worse. Data theft is a growing problem, and the losses caused by theft are also rising rapidly. If no further action is taken, the problem will be even more severe this year. Many businesses have discovered to their dismay that their existing network security, despite the resources and manpower needed to purchase, install, and maintain it, is quite flimsy in the face of determined attacks by hackers. As a result, businesses are forced to hire external information security consultants and vendors. From Cellopoint's point of view, protecting against leaks of sensitive data must start from the content control. An organization must clearly define confidential ranks, tag data correctly, and use appropriate auditing products like Email Real-time Auditing of Cellopoint as a defensive measure. Cellopoint's appliance possesses two important functions that prevent the leakage of sensitive data and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Preventing Leakage of Sensitive Data

Employees typically pay little attention to data security when sending email. They are seldom aware that unencrypted messages could be intercepted or viewed surreptitiously. For instance, a new employee may send a classified document to an external CPA office in the form of a file attachment, and may be unaware that the content of the message can be easily intercepted by hackers. But when a company uses Cellopoint's appliance, it can scan, classify, and rank a confidential level to incoming and outgoing email, and can quarantine or bypass messages according to preset policies. For instance, in order to guard against the loss of sensitive data, a policy can be set that unencrypted attached files may not be sent to external networks.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Many companies and organizations must comply with such laws and regulations as SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA, etc. In the wake of major information security incidents, there have been repeated demands for tightened legal compliance, and many countries have drafted new laws and regulations to constrain the actions of companies and organizations. Data leak prevention technology can play an important role in ensuring legal compliance. Cellopoint not only protects your data, but also shows that you have taken appropriate steps to ensure regulatory compliance.