Divulgence of confidential information to prevent enterprises from the start with the internal e-mail auditing

Taipei–December 13 , 2007–Anti-Virus, firewall, is safe enough? For enterprises, the significance of information security cannot only be thought of as preventing computer injuries, but more the protection of corporate intellectual property. In fact, intellectual property protection must include an internal auditing implementation. Without perfect auditing rules, the information leakage caused by the staff negligence is impossible to guard against. Although you have installed anti-virus program on every computer, and timely updated patches to repair vulnerabilities, this couldn’t help if your employees are not regulated by proper policies. For example, the most commonly used business communication tool is the e-mail, when people were writing e-mail with on confidential information, which did not notice that the addressee includes external recipients, which is prone to errors and very serious.

Email is the most common use of a legally-effective form of documents, so the email auditing cannot be overlooked. Cellopoint Email Auditing and Archiving Module can be set in line with corporate policy provisions, which can filter keywords which appear in mail content, quarantine check for confirmation or only deliver to specific recipients. The others not in the trust address list are not allowed automatically receiving the mail. With Cellopoint Auditing and Archiving Module, not only centralizes management mail system, but also simplifies the auditing process. It can integrate with Cellopoint anti-spam and anti-virus module to harden the protection of the corporate e-mail system.