Cellopoint Email archiving solution strengthens corporate governance

Regulatory compliance is still owned the market's main driving force
As countries have been confronted corporate scandals over the past few years, the state has promulgated many laws and regulations, standardized corporate governance related investment to the investors and customers. The United States announced in the 2001 Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), which is applicable to SEC listed companies. Other companies which have business dealings with the United States enterprises should pay attention to compliance with the relevant laws and regulatory compliance. Basel accord and Basel II guard against the types of financial and operational risks banks face.

Risk identification and the importance of evidence
Assessment of risk and reduction of risk through internal control is a very important concept. COBIT framework is the standard for all IT departments to assess the potential risks. In accordance with the Basel II classification, there are three major components of risk: credit risk, market risk and operational risk. Operational risk is first listed into the regulatory capital calculated. Operational risk is defined by the Basel Committee as “the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events” including legal risk but excluding strategic and reputational risk. The occurrence of operational risk may have relevant legal acts. Information integrity is related to the reliability and timeliness of evidence, also an important basis of reported risk ratings.

Not only archiving all
The most common area of focus is the archiving of all communications and the creation of transparent and auditable systems for recording transactions, dealings and any kind of business correspondence. For email, regulations require not only e-mail archiving, but more importantly during the “burden of proof” business can provide correct and original email rapidly without any format changing. According to regulations, email need to be retained for a long time. Cellopoint email archiving solution is not just doing the mail backup, moreover, we provide information and preserve the integrity of a powerful full-text searching and accessing to the data to meet the immediate needs of the content inspection. Cellopoint next generation email archiving solution can be divided into in-line, near-line and off-line mode, in accordance with customers’ demand, flexible portfolio planning with the trend of the regulatory compliance.