Cellopoint Prevents Relay Threat to Enterprise Mail Servers

Taipei–December 02, 2008– Relay mail has become a dangerous feature that spammers use your mail server to send out spam. IT administrators usually disable the "Open Relay” function to avoid the spammers from using the relaying to deliver spam. But if your mail server has already got Trojans infected, spammers can still enable "Open Relay" function and send out spam. Even though you made a lot of the protections for your mail server, you couldn’t guarantee that your organization’s computers are also secure. Hackers can use Trojans to turn the PC into one of their Botnet. By the time the mail server is still functional to relay those mails from the infected PC, and this is definitely a leak of the email security.

Therefore, Cellopoint's Anti-Relay function specializes in preventing the relaying mail from spammers. Even though the personal computers or email servers are infected by virus and are used to send out spam, Cellopoint Email Firewall quarantines these messages and prevents the company or organization to be used as a springboard of the spam. It can also keep the damage from company's reputation and some legal problems. Cellopoint Email Firewall can lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).It is an economic way to secure your email system thoroughly and make your management more effective.

About Cellopoint

Cellopoint is a leading provider of email UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions for organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprise and ISPs. We defend against email threats such as spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential data by content filtering and secure mail delivery, archive email to protect your digital assets, comply with regulatory inquiries and corporate investigations in a single, web-based platform. We provide the maximum reliable, scalable and flexible solutions to help you deploy and manage easily. For more information, please visit : www.cellopoint.com