Cellopoint Issues Botnet Attack Alert

Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC) recently discovered email attacks by the botnet Rustock. This attack uses a provocative subject line to induce recipients to click on links in the email. Cellopoint has found that this attack mainly targets users in the US. The subject line usually displays "Yahoo sold to Microsoft" or "Martian Soil Fantastic for Growing Weed Says NASA," etc. Hackers have apparently tested the subject lines and found that the more sensational the claims, the more likely recipients are to believe that the email is genuine. But as soon as a recipient clicks on any of the links in the email, a window will automatically jump up and connect to a download web site, that will download a malicious program to the user' computer. The computer will then be infected and become part of a botnet, and may serve the hackers as a tool for sending even more malicious emails. Rustock was discovered as early as two years ago, and is not a new form of botnet attack. But after two years of steady growth and improvement, Cellopoint's global anti-spam center believes that the number of infected computers may now exceed several hundred thousand, and approximately 20% of spam worldwide is sent via these infected computers. It is essential that companies and organizations protect themselves against Rustock botnet attacks, and prevent their computers from becoming botnet members, by selecting an appropriate and effective email security program.