Cellopoint Email UTM supports the techniques of Cloud Security for Email

Cellopoint, a company of email security solution provider, announced a new email security and management solution. The whole new "Cellopoint Email UTM " integrates multiple functions such as " Emails' secure defense" ,"Content filters" and" Archive and retrieval". It also provides the services of "A unified defense against the global threats" and "Instant online protection updates" to their clients through the techniques of Cloud Security in order to make the protection better.

Cellopoint is the first company to develop the idea of "Cloud Security for Email". It hopes to build up a united safety net for all the emails around the world through the techniques of "Cloud Computing". When a brand new threat shows up, the threat sensor system of CelloCloud™ can immediately detect the email's abnormal behavior in a few minutes and provide a defense measure through the analysis and calculation from CelloCloud™. It will update the anti-spam characteristics database and protect the clients' email system from the threats.

Cellopoint Email UTM is based on an intensifying efficiency hardware platform and it is designed with CelloOS™ module. It integrates multiple functions such as " Emails' secure defense", "Content filters" and" Backup files retrieval" into one solution which can really balance the cost and efficiency and also be able to be collocated according to the clients' needs. The clients don't need to maintain different kinds of products and configuration files. Cellopoint makes the security and management of email a lot easier for you. Companies and organizations no longer need to spend lots of money on IT and buying dispersive emails security products. Using Cellopoint Email UTM can not only reduce the cost of your IT budget, but also let you enjoy the benefits from CelloCloud™ instant online protection. You can get more info about the free trial from Cellopoint website. www.cellopoint.com/tw/try