CelloCloud™ is taking the security of emails into a whole new level

2009/4/21 According to the latest report from Gartner,the numbers of phishing had an explosive growth in 2008.Just in the U.S, there are 5 millions victims. Seventy percent of the businesses,organizations and service providers have taken some defenses,but the time limits of those traditional antispam techonology is still a big problem. Its interception function can't catch up with the change of the spams.It's useless when facing the attacts of the spam mails with a new form. Therefore the problems of spams and scams on line are getting more and more and become very common.

According to the study of Radicati Group, there are about 200 billions spams spreading on the Internet everyday. More than 70 % of them are advertisments,virus or phishing mails.The speed of the changes of its sending resource,delivery patterns and its content is faster than the evolution of the virus.Therefore CelloLabs™ used the advanced techs ,"Cloud Computing", to help solving the new threats from the new spams.It can analyze and control the change of the mails from everywhere and provide the latest method to defense the spams. It provides all the cients the services of " online defense" and will be able to update the data of the features of antipams.

CelloCloud™'s new techs improved all the traditional anti-spams' techs,including black list, database classification, Bayesian algorithm, single-user heuristic learning etc. It built a strong analyzing structrue of the servers' movements.It analyzes all the data automatically twenty four seven and monitors the delivery ,tendency ,behaviors and the features of all the emails around the world. It shortens the responding time of a spam's attact and let the clients have an immediate update and protection in order to reduce the chance to be invaded. When the threats show up suddently, CelloCloud™ can detect them in a few minutes and publish an update of Anti-spam database.It can efficiently solve the time limited problem of the traditional antispams defense. The clients don't have to pay a huge amount of money to get the best and secured protection. CelloCloud™ is taking the defense system of protecting emails into a cloudy safe world.