Cellopoint remind the attack by Conficker is not done yet

2009/4/14 – The strongest worm “Conficker” that even the Microsoft can not even crake it down didn’t active on April 1st after all the anti-virus programmers are busy for a week to protect all the computers from it. This is just a trick that hackers do for April fool’s day. At the same time, “conflicker” is slowly but surely mutative and waiting for its time to strike again. Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC) inspect this new activities through the spam mail and give the warring for everyone to be careful. The mutative Conficker.e (also named Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Kido ) will disguise as the anti-virus program. It will link with other inflated Zombie computers by P2P and become a massive botnet. At the same time, it will also use the file name or service name to link with the Waledac spam mail network to download another virus. Email-Worm.Win32.Iksmas.atz would use this as the step stone for spam mail. This attack might be the same group of hackers or Conficker sell its resource to Waledac to expand its own spam mail market.

Cellopoint discover the Conficker mutation in the beginning of April. We send out the CGAC online protection update immediately. It can allow us to protect our clients all over the world from thrill of Conficker. CGAC online protection services include anti-spam, virus email, anti-spy, fishing, transfer, DoS attack protection, anti-hack, E-mail encryption and signature, fix the over loading spam problem.CGAC holding the number 1 place of 2008 email security management / Anti-spam , if you want to know more about Cellopoint Email-UTM security and management, plase check our webweite at http://www.cellopoint.com/