Top 2009 Email Security Priorities : DLP and Encryption

Cellopoint, an email security company, said that more frequent leakage of information may result in financial loss and reputation damage which threatened the company’s existence. Moreover, to offend against the laws could cause litigation issues. In recent years, countries around the world have enacted laws and regulations to protect privacy information in businesses and government records during transmission, such as: HIPAA, GLBA, California SB-1386, and PIPEDA. This year, however, the prediction the economic impact of IT budget is tight; IT departments will face management challenges for the rapid increase in data volume with a limited budget. This situation may cause information leakage even worse, so make the best use of limited resources to do a good job of information security will become the top priority this year.

Email data protection, such as email encryption and data loss prevention will be the top of corporate agendas. Cellopoint Data Loss Prevention offers a full range data protection for email messages. It is not only following the laws and regulations, but also to protect an enterprise's brand and reputation. Cellopoint Email Encryption enables users to send and receive encrypted email directly from their desktops as easily as regular email. Using a simple process, users can encrypt and deliver any business communication without complex software to install, configure, and maintain.

For enterprise message infrastructure, it requires an efficient management and DLP solution. Cellopoint consulting team has accumulated more than ten years experience in the information security industry. We provide customers integrated products, consultancy services and effective solutions for all our customers.