More job cuts, more spam

Taipei – 2009/2/3 –The final week of January began with a bloodbath for the job market, as over 70,000 more cuts were announced on January 27 alone. Most companies were Fortune 500 and many of the unemployed people had professional IT skills, R&D manpower. The TechCrunch Layoff Tracker is updated daily and currently shows approaching 300,000 employees laid off in the technology sector since the end of 2007. Meanwhile, Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center discovered that the network attacks had also increased and the total spam volume surged. The problem that comes out of these two things is that we now have over numerous people trying to look for new employment. The hacker organizations may hire them for cybercrimes. Economic crisis has made the hackings and attacks even worse. If we could not find out some solutions, it will raise operation cost of businesses and be even more severe recession than expected.

The US credit and debit card processor -- Heartland Payment Systems Inc – recently disclosed a data loss that could affect millions of customers. This might be the largest-ever case of breach of credit card information. When consider IT spending to cope with budget cut, information security issues cannot be left behind. In this situation, how to balance cost and security is currently very urgent. In recent statistics of internet attack reasons, we find that hackers are good at using social engineering (social engineering ─ is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.), The way is usually through spam inducing users to download Trojans, or by direct spreading the attached files. In addition, phishing sites often spam with streaming media, attracting the victims to browse counterfeit web sites with fraud-related information. The most popular spam subject that hackers used in January was related to the inaugural ceremony of President Barack Obama. The "Obama will refuse to take the Oath" spam with a simulation of the CNN site was resulted in many computers infected by the Trojans and a large number of data was revealing.

In the face of email threats, besides to demand that employees should not open unsolicited email messages and regularly update system patches, the focus lies on the enhance of information security level. IT decision-makers should review the company information security policy for reinforcement. For example, an email security gateway can be set up in front of the mail host as a firewall to block the entrance of email threats. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For data loss prevention, a content filtering product can also be used to scan digital contents and record the access logs for compliance.

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