Taiwan Cyber Security Summit 2017 ─ Post-Event Press Release

Taiwan Cyber Security Summit 2017 was held on March 14th and 15th at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). This year the summit was focused on the topic of Cyber Threats, Attacks and Defense Policies. Mr. Bear Wang, the Director of Cellopoint Asia-Pacific Sales Operations also delivered a keynote speech “Global Cyber Threat Intelligence and Email Security”, not only sharing the Cellopoint insights on Ransomware, APT Threats and Phishing Email cases, but also suggesting the method of building up a thorough Email Security Defense Architecture to avoid the email disaster from happening.

Cellopoint continuously monitored and observed the recent email threat changes and found the Ransomware had raged the world for the past year, which caused the enterprise IT executives exhausted and personal users frightened. The Phishing emails also continued to induce the common users to fill in personal account information, so that the scammers can disguise identities and cause the loss of money. In addition, the Targeted Attacks locked those specific targets for penetration, making enterprises and organizations expose to the massive risks of continuous APT threats. Moreover, the Malicious URL emails was also one of the simple and effective attack measures for the hackers to use, which make it easier for hackers to implant backdoor programs to the common user’s computers and portable devices.

Cellopoint Email Security Cloud Solution “CelloCloud” monitors over a hundred million spam emails, virus outbreaks, targeted-locked phishing and APT emails every day. We generate valuable Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) by collection, categorization, associative analysis, machine learning and verification of these samples of threats. We instantly update the latest CTI and generate the newest CTI through the interactions and feedbacks of our massive customers, forming a fast and effective email security defense ecosystem.

If you need further information or if you would like to purchase Cellopoint service, please email: sales@cellopoint.com