Email Security Should Be Transformed to Conquer New Threats in 2017

More than 250 billion email messages speed over the Internet all across the globe each day, which explains why email has become the most primary attack media today. With the massive increase of Ransomware, Phishing emails and almost 85% of the Internet crimes are related to emails, only equipped with conventional basic Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus is not enough to provide full protection. 2017 is the year for you to further consider whether to upgrade your email security solutions or not. Those traditional defense measures for “Known” email threats are only the basic ones; the latest and more comprehensive defense trend is to add better defense measures for “Unknown” email threats, such as the email attachment malware analysis and the detection technology for both email URL phishing scams and malicious URLs.

The two major aspects of Email Penetration Attacks:

1. Ransomware rages massively and have become an effective tool for the crime groups to elaborate their crimes. It has caused huge loss of data, sudden shut down of works and damages to the enterprises’ reputation.

2. Targeted Attacks made by the professional commercial spies and military spies, such as stealing business secrets or national secrets, are more advanced penetration attacks and very hard to detect.

New generation of email security defense and protection must have defense capabilities for both “Known” and “Unknown” threats, as well as regular email social engineering test exercise, which represents the hard power of the organizations’ email security protection abilities and also the soft power of the employees’ awareness when opening the suspicious emails. These two power have to work closely to solve the information security threats and create synergies.

Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG) provides a 4-tier vertical defense mechanism: Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Anti-APT-Attachment and Anti-APT-URL. It expands multiple functions by providing several Email UTM optional modules such as Mail Archive & Search, Audit and Encryption to achieve Email DLP security policy.

This solution not only provides On-Premise Services, but also CelloCloud Services.