Tips to help you fight against ransomware

In 2016 Q1, numerous companies in greater China as well as other countries encountered a huge wave of email ransomware attack. Many employees fell prey to hackers' trap. Once the attached 'Invoice' was downloaded nad opened, Locky ransomware was activated. It trigged a call-back to botnet C&C to download encryption key, search for files on the computer such as docx., xlsx. or pdf. and encrypt them. There will then be a 'ransom request' popping up the victim's computer, asking him or her to wire money to a specified account in exchange for a decryption key. Unfortunately, very few victims got their files back even after they've paid the ransom. Most victims simply paid in vain.

Some companies backup files in case of data loss crisis. But there is a time gap between every backup, which means there is still potential for important data to be lost. Furthermore, IT staff often have to exhaust all their time to handle data restore and computer re-installation. This can be a huge burden for IT staff of any company.

Cellopoint provides tips for companies looking to defend against ransomware attack. We urge organizations to raise awareness and fortify total defense. There are 2 tips any company should take into consideration:

1. Do social engineering testing. Immediately assess the risk level of your organization being infiltrated by ransomware, test your employees' information security awareness, and provide further training to enhance such awareness.

2. Cellopoint Email Hosting Security Service. It directs inbound mails to Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC), which will quarantine spam, virus and other threats in the cloud, so they don't enter your system.

Cellopoint helps you get rid of the threat of ransomware

  1. Social engineering testing raises employees' awareness:
    Social engineering testing service is a service that sends test mails imitating real phishing mails to your employees. It increases your employees' awareness against mails from unknown sources, which is in the first line of defense against ransomware attack.
  2. Cellocloud block infected mails outside your mail server:
    CelloCloud Hosting Services benefits from Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC), which collect spam data from around the world and automatically quarantines suspicious mails in the cloud before they can reach your server. Standard services include Anti-spam and Anti-virus features, while APT is a flexible add on feature available to cliets in need.
  3. On Premise SEG intercepts all kinds of malicious attacks
    Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is an integrated secure mail passage deployed in front of the mail server. Equipped with multi-layer scan mechanism, it can effectively prevent against threats such as malware, spam, virus, phishing mail, spyware, mail boms and springboard attack.
  4. CelloConsult analysis provides optimized information security infrastructure
    CelloConsult Service utilizes Cellopoint security experts' advice and provide your organization with a security infrastructure most fitted to your organization, which helps you reach the maximum security level at a minimum cost.