Global cyber security budget presents vast growth for year 2016

Earlier this month, President of the United States Barack Obama announced the federal government's budget for 2017, totaling 4.15 trillion. Cyber security projects take up a significant 19 billion USD in the total budget, which is 35% higher compared to the previous year. Obama stated in a Wall Street Journal interview that among the numerous economic and national security challenges the US is facing, cyber threats is a critical issue that cannot be taken lightly. The reason behind such statement is thought to be that a recent hack was successfully performed against the US government. The hack resulted in the leak of numerous governmental employees' personal information, including 20,000 in the FBI and 9,000 in homeland security.

The last year's World Internet Conference held in Zhejiang, Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the event and gave a speech on the topic of cyber security, announcing 4 principles on global Internet governance system reform and 5 guidelines on construction of cyberspace community. Xi's announcement was highly praised by domain players in and outside the country. Among the event's attendees, there were 8 national leaders, 20 international organization leaders, 50 diplomatic officials and more than 2,000 guests from more than 120 countries. Xi's speech shows his high ambition in maintaining China's power in the online world as well as proposing a new vision of network development.

Coincidentally, according to a survey by iThome magazine in early 2016, more than 80% of medium and large enterprises in Taiwan has faced cyber security incidents in 2015. Total average cyber security budget increased by 14.5% this year with financial establishments and businesses in the service sector topping the list, increasing theirs by more than 20%. In the 2016 top-of-the-purchase-list survey, Taiwanese businesses consider Anti-virus, email security and anti-spam solutions most important among all of the 30 items listed.

As seen in above surveys, it's obvious that businesses in almost every country in the world consider information security a critical issue. As a leading player in the email security industry, Cellopoint professionals always pay attention to cyber threat incidents and improve our solutions accordingly. Our products constantly evolves, from CSMG (Cellopoint Secure Mail Gateway), CEF (Cellopoint Email Firewall), to current SEG (Secure Email Gateway) and Email UTM product lines. Starting in 2013, we created a brand new user interface, CelloOS 4.X, in order to provide our clients with a safer, friendlier user experience.

Cellopoint offers customized solution based on each client's individual needs. We advise businesses in the financial or service sector to focus on anti-APT, auditing and signature modules; regular production businesses on archiving and legal compliance issues; educational or general business establishments on anti-spam and anti-virus infrastructure; government and large service providers on anti-APT advanced protection. For large enterprises that have already invested a certain amount of capital and effort in information security equipment, Cellopoint provides social engineering training services that reinforce employees' security awareness, which in turn complement your equipment and make sure your overall security level is as high as can be. To get an exclusive email security solution tailored for your company, please contact Cellopoint Sales team.

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