Cellopoint Redefines Standards for Email Security

According to research conducted in Q2 of this year, several CIO on different industries point out some key areas in information security procurement. Anti-virus solution is No. 1 of the Top 10 list, followed by Email Security, and Anti-spam on the third place. If there are more than 20 types of security breaches, why email security sets itself apart from other issues? Based on Analysis from Cellopoint Marketing Center, the popularity of email defense is due to the raise of targeted attack with social engineering techniques. Among the attack cases, the financial industry, public sector, e-commerce businesses and enterprises often fall as victims. We're going see deeply a case in the financial industry.

Taking an industry-leading Banking Group as an example, Cellopoint provides a complete infrastructure for its email security and risk management. For Inbound Email Security Protection, Cellopoint suggests a three-tier defense infrastructure. The first tier of Anti-spam blocks most of the spam during the SMTP Connection Control. It combines Anti-DoS and Sender Reputation List functions, which forms solid protection outside of the email server. The second layer is a multi-layer anti-virus filtering, which provides regular virus scanning and online definition updates. Known virus, phishing patterns, spyware, Trojans and malware threats are captured in this process. The third layer of defense is against unknown, new advanced targeted attacks, commonly known as APT (Advanced Persistent Threats). Through these attacks, infiltration begins from unconsciously opening a phishing email. The hacker draws employees to open an embedded link, downloading a malware and infecting employee's personal computer. The infected computer will connect to C&C server automatically so that the hacker is able to control the computer and penetrate into the organization’s system. Cellopoint APT defense analyze data from Threat Intelligence Database and Sandbox Detection, along with correlation analysis, effectively blocking and capturing the phishing attacks. Furthermore, every attack is categorized into different threat levels and given a risk score. The foregoing three-layer protection ensures that there’s no attack that will enter your network. (Blue line in picture)

Sending emails without a risk control can be dangerous for companies. Most of the companies are not aware of their email outbound flow, thus Cellopoint provides a combination of Email Auditing, Encryption, Digital Signature and Data Loss Prevention, making Outbound Email Compliance a reality. Using policy enforcement, all the messages that include the keyword will be automatically encrypted. The Auditing and Data Loss Prevention module will send the email first to the managers and supervisor, to be reviewed and sent or eliminated in case it has confidential data. Important messages will be also signed using a personal digital signature to ensure sensitive information is not hacked or intercepted by third parties. (Green line in picture)

Both inbound and outbound are protected by the Mail Archiver. This not only keeps emails for longer period of time (as stated on legal requirements), but it also helps the companies when facing a legal procedure. Grid Search capabilities helps to find relevant information from the vast sea of emails and the big data. Case Management allows to categorize thousands of emails and to find correlations among cases. The owner assigns auditors and reviewers for each case, and they can view auditing status in a simple process flow. All modules mentioned are provided in a single interface: whether is configuring email settings, viewing system status, or analyzing output statistics, Cellopoint is cautiously designed to be user friendly and to manage large amount of information all-in-one web interface. (Archiving in bottom part)

Cellopoint is a leading manufacturer of information security and email lifecycle management. Specialized in security defense, anti-spam, auditing and archiving for emails, Cellopoint industry-leading team is composed of specialist and outstanding developers with vast experience in the industry. The goal of Cellopoint is to develop innovative solutions based on user's requirements, creating a win-win situation for customers, partners and the vendor itself.