Gmail launched 'Undo Send' feature, essential for business users

The Mailbox Leader Google has announced the incorporation of “Undo Send” feature in Gmail this week. This button enables users to set a “cancellation period” from 5 to 30 seconds after sending the email to retrieve any preset email, whether the email has grammatical mistake, has been sent to the wrong person, or with mistakenly attached file. “Undo Send” option allows Gmail users to reverse the blunder if they have second thoughts after clicking send. The email will be sent back to drafts folder until the email is revised and sent again. Reaction on several Gmail users has been broadly positive.

In contrast with home users, corporate users and users in the public sector have positively welcome this feature, due to the higher requirement for this application in business.

With a wide experience in customer and B2B services, Cellopoint often received feedback of the need of a feature for mistakenly sent emails. The carelessness of some employees had lead to business losses, reputation damage, and even result in legal implication and other issues. Cellopoint hence, launched a solution a couple of years ago, preventing employees to send out emails to wrong recipients. In response to the demand, Cellopoint developed two methods.

The first one is Cellopoint email “Self Check” function. Users can flexibly set email policies, including the email audit method and the temporary stored time. Emails are temporarily stored in the Cellopoint Email Gateway. The gateway will automatically send a notification to this sender's mailbox until the user quickly proofread the message and confirm the email. The message will be sent until then. The feature has been available for years, and it has been well received by the government and businesses with sensitive information. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

The other method is similar to Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature. Users can set (up to 5 minutes) to store their message in a temporary storage. If the sent email has a wrong recipient, wrong attached files or any other mistake, the sender can click on “Cancel Send” button in Cellopoint Management Center. Then the email will be retrieved from the email gateway and can be sent after the modification. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

Both features provide flexibility for government and business users to get back mistakenly sent emails. It protects organizations from business loss or reputation crisis. If you are interested in any of these solutions, please go to for more information or contact our sales team to