Anti-APT as a Service: The most economical option.

With the rapid evolution of information security attacks, it has become harder for companies to evade these incidents, and the confidential information of an organization is easily revealed to third, non-trustable parties. Data leakage incidents are occurring each day in different sectors: tech companies, government, banking and financial sector. IT personnel try to figure out a way to protect and avoid more breaches, and they have relied on outsourcing for systems checks and audit processes.

Hackers from around the world, military and commercial espionage are becoming more organized of the principles of operation of the defenses and the vulnerabilities of traditional network security platforms. The traditional, signature-based defense methods, such as Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), endpoint anti-virus, mail filtering, anti-spam and web filtering gateway, are no longer sufficient to detect and stop advanced malware.

Lastline Labs recognized the value and importance of traditional anti-virus, but there are features still missing. In order for these new, unknown malware to be truly intercepted, the traditional firewalls may take days, weeks, months or even years; the new morph of APT attacks is used on those unprepared servers for deadly threats and penetrations.

Strategy against APT

Thanks to many years of study of virus and malicious programs, Cellopoint (in collaboration with Lastline) is proud to introduce defense against APT: APT Probe, which identifies and sends suspicious files to a cloud-based, next-generation sandbox, using the industry's most sophisticated full-system emulation sandboxing technique to detect APTs and zero day malware.

The APT probe is more a solution than a product, as it takes the CPU view on what the malware is trying to do. It is protection around the Internet and finding attacks before it happens, a network of behavior and understanding certain parts of the case with infected machines and sophisticated algorithm.

Cellopoint Anti-APT as a Service

APT defense requires high investment and budget considerations: using a unique sandbox and a self-correlation analysis and statistics engine may be quite costly. How to get a complete Anti-APT defense system, but without the investment on building your own defense system? Cellopoint Anti-APT as a Service is a budget option for every type of organization.

Since it is a hosted solution, everything is in the cloud, so if the threat is sitting on the network, it correlates alerts and the reporter decides if block the message or allow it to pass.

Even if the organization has traditional information security devices coupled with the new Anti-APT defense mechanism, it is still unable to prevent all malware if employees do not have good information security cautious habits, and therefore, its recommend to have social engineering penetration testing, to avoid being another victim of these security threats.

About Cellopoint Labs

CelloLabs were founded in 2005, composed by members from the country’s top universities and research institutes, who are engaged in in-depth research in email-related fields, including RFC standards and IETF drafting. They have combined both theoretical and practical expertise to independently develop technologies and solutions:

CelloOS™ Operating System: A Linux-based operating system designed to enhance email security and optimize email-scanning performance.

Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC): Targets the constantly changing range of spam sender sources, sending behavior and sending characteristics. Spammers are combated using CGAC's unique data gathering and classification methods, as well as through the generation of 24/7 year-round ratings of IP address trustworthiness and sending behavior appropriateness, and the most up-to-date anti-spam rule base and database.

CelloLabs also focused on phishing e-mail with URL and other malicious file attachments. Most recently, Cellopoint provides Anti-APT protection: using virtualization and correlation analysis, it can recognized and protect against global Botnets and C&C hosts to control your PC and Android mobile devices, becoming Cellopoint in one of the leading labs in the information security industry.