2014 Info-Security Expo ─ post event press release

Cellopoint was honored to participate 2014 Info-Security Expo hosted by messe Frankfurt on 3/20. The forum topics covered on that day were cloud applications, APT attack & defense, and BYOD management. Cellopoint shared us the concept of "APT defense and access control of emails in BYOD environment" which is becoming a top concern for enterprises. Cellopoint also announced the launch of a related product - APT defense solution and email management solutions for smart phones.

Facing the increasing e-mail attacks and the growing popularity of smart phones among enterprises globally, e-mail security no longer just covers anti-spam and anti-virus. Cellopoint APT Defense for emails provides a new defense solution and email environment check up services: include CelloCloud sandbox detection, or on premise scan modes, bringing the email security to a new level of effectiveness, lowest TCO and the most simple maintenance.

While CIO concerns on how implement a new generation of convenient and secure BYOD environment, Cellopoint also provides consultant services for email security solution. Cellopoint implement the concept of e-mail data leakage prevention (Email DLP) with email encryption technology into mobile devices, no matter when and where while you're using any mobile device, you're able to enjoy a safe and secure e-mail services.

Cellopoint company focuses on the development of email security. With many years of accumulated experience in this field and achievements, combines the actual needs of customers, and provides the highest possible performance of email security. Cellopoint email security and APT defense solution solves the problem of data loss, leakage of confidential data and the possibility to be hacked by strengthening email infrastructure environment, effectively increasing the defensive rate entirely.

If you need further information or if you would like to purchase Cellopoint service , please email : sales@cellopoint.com or call : +886-2-89692558