Be Ready for Protection of Personal Data Law in Taiwan

Protection of Personal Data Law will be enforced on October first 2012 in Taiwan. Whilelaw Sixth and fifty-fourth are not put into effect, thefinal rule of Protection of Personal Data Law is reinforced. As Protection of Personal Data Law now makes a greater impact on Taiwanese society, we should be prepared to make our move.
Protection of Personal Data Law was originated and edited from Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data to ensure everyone’s privacy is under the protection of law. For instance, we have our right to say NO every time we receive any sales call from financial or insurance companies.

Take the Taiwanese well-known online shopping brand Lativ for example, members in Lativ stated that they received the phone calls from the Lativ staff requesting them to edit information details in ATM because of the ordering process went wrong. The consciousness of privacy-security should be raised to avoid leak of personal data loss.It is referred from Protection of Personal Data Law that privacy information such as name, telephone number, ID number, and passport information should be protected. E-mail plays a more critical role to transmit information with the growth of electronic commerce. As a result, the enterprise should place e-mail security under control to prevent loss of personal data.

According to Personal Data Law, the enterprise can be executed to fine from NTD 500 to NTD 2000 by each person. The total of maximum can be up to 2 billion NTD which would impose great effect on enterprise. The evidences should be archivedto prevent personal data loss and liability to pay compensation.

In addition tomaking inventory of personal data and understanding the purpose of using it, enterprise can also prevent from personal data loss with the following 11 measures.
1. Build up institution for personal data management
2. Clearly define the personal data information
3. Risk assessment and management of privacy-information
4. Come up with precaution of accident
5. Management ofpersonal data collection and process
6. Information security management and staff training
7. Advocatethe related knowledge
8. Equipmentmanagement
9. Auditing of personal data
10. Make sure records, track and evidence are preserved
11. Maintenance of personal data security

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