Cellopoint Cloud Series 2: Cloud Computing Applications in Email Security

Junk mails are evolving faster than viruses. Attacks of global scale & the incidence are continually expanding & worsening. Sheer dependence on the traditional defense mechanism (the keywords or the Bayesian algorithm) is already unable to deal with the volatile network environment. The real-time defense can be in effect only through the real-time global network, collecting threat events extensively & only through the high-speed computing technologies, analyzing the trends & providing the correspondent solutions. It requires dynamic, high-speed analysis capabilities to deal with the volatile mail threats, and the emergence of Cloud Computing enables the information security providers to provide more comprehensive services. Cloud Computing integrates concepts of parallel processing, Grid Computing, unknown threat activities judgment, etc. It backfeeds the newest information of network threats to the Cloud for automatic analysis & processing through the surveillance of network activities and sends solutions to clients. Customers can acquire the newest protection through cost-efficient methods, such as data leakage prevention, intrusion defense, network access control, vulnerability management, etc.

The CelloCloud™ is the exclusive Email Security Cloud Technology through R&D (Research & Development) at the Cellopoint. With the Cloud Computing as the core framework of mail defense mechanism, two main appeals made are the Global Defense & the Real-Time Update Protection with the unique Cellopoint SMTP connection defense mechanism as the SMTP terminal surveillance.

CelloCloud™ Core Technologies

1. Sender Reputation List, SRL
It uses dynamic rating to evaluate the email sender reputations. The dynamic rating system analyzes data according to the websites, IPs & the URL history, valid time, change history, and behaviors, combining the given junk mail reputation ( or notoriety) database for dynamic analyses to produce the reputation points. This technology can block malicious emails in the Cloud according to the SRL, preventing the information security threats from spreading through the Zombie or the Botnet.

2. Threats Sensor System
It covers the Threats Sensor Systems formed with the global clients, partners, and trapping webs. Once suspicious mail sending behaviors detected, it will automatically backfeed relevant information to the CelloCloud™. The CelloCloud™ concludes and certifies if real abnormal activities occur, and it activates defense for the clients. Sporadic, single mail activities on the clients might be normal, but simultaneous, multiple occurrences on the clients can be malicious attacks. Sensors distributed over the Cellopoint clients & partners can detect suspicious mail activities, backfeeding useful information to the CelloCloud™ & assisting abnormal behavior surveillance. This technology integrates resources form the client community, bringing mutual assistance & zero time difference email threats defense into full play.

3. HoneyPot Network
The Cellopoint deploys a massive amount of Decoy Accounts around the globe, forming world-class junk mail samples, the HoneyPot system. It collects at least hundreds of millions of brand-new samples or variations every day, including all kinds of languages & samplings from different sources.

4.CGAC™ (Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center)
It comprises mail analysis experts both across America & Asia, monitoring global mail activities for 24-hour all year round & detecting attacks of, such as the Zombie network, Image Spam, PDF or ZIP variation junk mails, etc. Experts in charge of each kind of language produced relevant reports & candidate updates for mail threats database after mail activity analyses. And through massive stress & error tests for the samples, they are officially issued to the mail threats database.

The Cellopoint applies several kinds of technologies & data collections, including the global partnership, client defense network, junk mails from the HoneyPot Network, Cello Spider Active Threats Information captures, and the CelloLabsTM Global Threat Sensor System. It provides solutions through real-time research & control of the threat trends.

CelloCloud™ application services:

1. Real-time Spam Pattern Update: It acquires the newest, real-time mail threats updates online. Besides issuing updates every hour, once the CelloCloud™ detects abnormal mail activities or sudden mail attacks, it will immediately issue new database dynamic updates, and that is effective in counteracting fierce mail bombings. The all-year-round CGAC monitors the CelloCloudTM operations, ensuring that clients acquire the newest database updates against mail threats.

2. Hosted Email Security: Email SaaS, Cloud spam-blocking, virus mails, & other threats blocking.

3. Grid Storage: It provides full mail backup & archive services. It can dynamically & flexibly extend its computing power and storage in response to the needs of Email management, eDiscovery, and lawful regulations.