Email Hosting Security Prices

Cellopoint Cloud Email Hosting Security – Method Payment

Email Account Number 10-49 50-99 100-199 200-299 300-499 More than 500

Per user per month

$ 10 $ 9.7 $9.3 $9 $8.5 Discount is provided case by case. Contact one of our sales representative.
Installation fee (USD) $100

 Prepaid Discount
Per Semester (5% off)
Prepaid for 1Year (10% off)
Prepaid for 2 years (20% off)
Prepaid for 3 years (30% off)

  1. The minimum number for this service is 10 accounts. Less accounts upon request.
  2. Calculation includes email account and group account, excluding alias.
  3. Different prices may apply for new user accounts.
  4. To add new user: (New Account + Original Account) x remaining months – Prepaid amount.
  5. Prices are listed in USD, taxes not included.

For more information contact or the representative of Cellopoint in your country.

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