Cellopoint Email Hosting Security

Block spam, virus and email threats before they reach your network.

How Email Hosting Security Works:

By simply redirect the mail exchange (MX) record through Cellopoint servers, mail traffic will be scanned quickly and filtered from all email threats ─ Before entering your network.


Maximun Email Security

We provide a service level for 99.99% service availability supported by robust, world-class data centers with fully redundant infrastructure, power and bandwidth, and professional Cellopoint CGAC™ 24/7 management and monitoring services, designed to give you total confidence in the service continuity.

 Award Winning Anti-Spam Technology 2009

Cellopoint anti-spam technology wins 2008 ITes Best Choice Award and 2009 ICT Best Choice Award as the Top 1 Vendor in the Email Content Security. With global email protection network, powered by CelloCloud™– Cloud Security for Email, it creates 24/7 always on service for email threats detection and analyzing, providing superior protection and control for customers with the cost-effective convenience of a hosted deployment model.

 Centralized and Simplified Management

Reduce your message processing time and management overhead by preventing these spam, viruses, or some other attacks from ever breaching your perimeter. Use Cellopoint Web-based management portal to search email context, set email policy and review reports and statistics. Your users can access and manage their own quarantines and create their own whitelists and blacklists

 Reduce IT Costs and Complexity

Eliminate the purchase of hardware and software, the cost of data center, power, and bandwidth. No new system integration, deployment or consulting needed, reducing administration and depreciation costs. Our flexible payment options allow you to tailor the terms according to your business requirements. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected. Risk free evaluate program is the best way of experiencing our services. Register today for 30 days of FREE protection against spam, Phishing attacks, viruses and more.

Suitable for:

  • Companies and organizations have urgent need to solve the problem of the spamproliferation.
  • Companies and organizations want to outsource IT to reduces total cost of ownership(TCO).
  • Small and Medium organizations with limited IT resources.

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