Frequently Asked Questions

Most anti-spam products selling in the market have only filtering function supported, but in the case of mail management, a complete total solution is not supported. Cellopoint considers that a complete mail protection management solution should not only support a strict mail protection function to enterprises, but also provide a complete mail management function, including some functions such as mail backup, auditing, report etc. Each Cellopoint Email UTM thus contains two operation modules: Mail Gateway module and Mail Reporter module. The responsibility of the Mail Gateway module is to filter all possible SMTP connections in order to prosecute mail protection functions such as anti-relay, anti-spam, and anti-virus. The responsibility of the Mail Reporter module is to place the determined spam mails and virus mails in the quarantine area, and the normal mails can be backed up according to your needs. Meanwhile, the special designed search engine allows you to speed up the search of needed mails in enormous mail data and the generation of reports, so that the purpose of the mail management can thus be accomplished.

Email UTM  50, 100 and 200 are supported for small and medium business, Email UTM  300, 400 and 5000 for middle-scale enterprises, and Email UTM type 10000, 20000, Unlimited for large enterprises.

Please contact you local dealer or write e-mail to mail address As for scanning spam mails, it is nothing to do with the use of the language.

CEF is an abbreviation for Cellopoint E-mail Firewall, and it is also called Port 25 Firewall that can deeply inspect brand new E-mail security threats which cannot be intercepted by any traditional firewall. This is also called Secure Mail Gateway.

Email UTM has the SMTP engine developed by Cellopoint. In addition that the implantation of relay mode is supported in general anti-spam products, the implantation of transparent mode is also supported by Email UTM.

Most anti-spam mail products in the market apply mail handling software package (open source), and thus the SMTP connections can not be adroitly used and handled. Cellopoint considers that the SMTP connection handling engine must be developed by ourselves in order to effectively handle enormous SMTP connections. The SMTP handling engine developed by Cellopoint can intercept mails sent through SMTP connections for mail inspection. The mails which fail the inspection checks will be intercepted or quarantined, and they will thus not be sent to mail relay host as a result of that the burden of the mail relay host can be significantly reduced.

Email UTM supports Fault Tolerance and Redundant Solution. It can continually provide the services of email management and anti-Spam, as well as the Active-Active Load Balancing service for multiple Email UTMs, and also integrate easily with customers' existing Layer 4 Switch.