APT Email Safety Check-up program (Free)

Facing advanced hackers and penetration of innovative targeted attacks,
is your email infrastructure impenetrable or vulnerable? You wouldn't know even if you're being hacked or confidential data being stolen while they're doing so!

Combat APT attacks with three major phases, Cellopoint goes toward a new vision of complete cybersecurity

According to a five-year research and digital forensics from CelloLabs, global delivery of virus and spam hasn't increased much over the years. Instead a growing number of hackers are using targeted social engineering to attack more specific, vulnerable victims. The main cause is APT attacks are able to evade traditional anti-spam and anti-virus detection. Using these three attacks phases, APT achieves their objective and results in leakage of the organizations’ confidential information and loss in its brand image.

This check can detect the actual risk that your organization has when facing APT attacks, including:

Three attack stages


Cellopoint's Solution

Target recipients with phishing mails and prompt them to open an attachment or click on hyperlinks   Email Anti-APT module
Security Awareness Training
Call back to download malware, initiate a connection to a C&C server, and steal important data   APT-Probe for Web detection
CelloCloud Sandbox
Correlation analysis
Parallel Proliferation and File Penetration, continuing to steal data and threat information security   Scan files
Integrated defense systems with third-party devices IPS/Firewall/SIEM

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