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Login with Facebook and retrieve user identities

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Facebook, which is abbreviated as FB, is a social-network website. Many websites integrate FB for promotions. How to integrate FB into your website? There are

1.Your options for API:
Facebook official API can be divide to two parts: one part is web programming, which is implemented by JavaScript or PHP; another port is mobile programming for iOS or android. Because FB is so popular recently, many program languages also develop APIs for FB, such as SilverLight, Flash, .Net or Java. And this article choose JavaScript for example.

2.Before developing:
2.1.Sign up for a Facebook account.
2.2.Login your Facebook account and sign up for “Developer”. You can get information from following URL:

3.Start creating your Facebook APP:
3.1.After complete Step 2, click the button “Create New APP”, to get your App ID and APP secret, just like the following screenshot with red box. Then, fill out the “Basic Info” form, like the following screenshot with blue box. For example, our website for testing is “me.cellpoint.com”, so you fill “me.cellpoint.com” in the field “App Domain”, and fill “http://me.cellpoint.com” in “URL”. Finally, click “Save” for complete your work.  read more »