The members of CelloLabs are talented, highly experienced researchers from the world's top universities and research institutes, who are engaged in in-depth research in email-related fields, including RFC standards and IETF drafting. They have combined both theoretical and practical expertise to independently develop the following core technologies and solutions:

  • CelloOS™ Operating System: A Linux-based operating system designed to enhance email security and optimize email-scanning performance.
  • Cellopoint Global Anti-spam Center (CGAC): Targets the constantly changing range of spam sender sources, sending behavior and sending characteristics. Spammers are combated using CGAC's unique data gathering and classification methods, as well as through the generation of 24/7 year-round ratings of IP address trustworthiness and sending behavior appropriateness, and the most up-to-date anti-spam rule base and database.
  • Policy Engine (PE): PE is a powerful set of tools that help business organizations carry out email security policy management, including easy handling of email content level filtering, auditing and control.
  • Email Auditing: Helps organizations to defend against leaks of sensitive or privacysecret information by carrying out real-time scanning and enforcing the proper implementation of email security policies and business principles, as well as legal compliance requirements (regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, GLBA and SOX).
  • Email Indexing and Search: Carries out analysis and indexing for MIME, using an intuitive email search engine to rapidly perform searches and email mining.
  • Email Archiving and Lifecycle Management: Through the use of advance planning archive policies, emails can be effectively compressed and archived, and can be stored in online, near or offline storage devices according to their lifecycle.
  • Email Encryption: Email encryption technology can solve the problems of potentially dangerous secret information leaks or tampering during the email transmission process, preserving information privacy.
  • Email Signature: Using digital signature technology, the problems of email forgery, blackmail, and anonymous mail can be resolved, such that the sending and receipt of emails is now indisputable.


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