Jobs at Cellopoint

If you are interested in any of the vacancies below, please send your resume to

1. QA Engineer

2. Technical Support Engineer

3. International Sales Manager/Specialist

4. Sales Manager/Specialist

5. Internet Engineer

6. Web Application Manager

7. Web Application Engineer

8. Cloud Computing Software Architect

9. Cloud Computing Software Engineer

10. Product Manager

Job Title Description Qualifications
QA Engineer

QA Engineer will base on test plans to design, document, implement test cases and automation test for new projects, report and manage defects for new and existing systems, assist development with replicating and debugging problems as needed.

1. One year+ working experiences in software testing is a must.
2. Mastery of e-mail server and knowledgeable about network environments (TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4)
3. Strong Knowledge in Linux and Unix System.
4. Familiar with LDAP/Active Directory.
5. Proficient in C/C++, Perl, shell scripting programming or GUI Automation Script Programming is a plus.
6. Experienced in reviewing functional specifications/ prototypes and requirements document of products to establish valid and reliable test plans.
7. Strong communication skill.
8. Come out and explain test reports/documents and collaborate with RD, FAE and PM.

Technical Support Engineer

1. Transfer the product technical Know-How to our agents.
2. Pre-sales support of responding questions, RFI, RFP, Case Study, and solution design.
3. Give presentations and product demonstrations.
4. Development and deliverance of appropriate training materials for new product launches.

1. Three years of technical support experiences in Information Security and Network field.
2. Provide effective presentations, demonstrations and technical support during selling cycle.
3. Excellent organization and communication skills required.
4. Deep understanding of Ethernet, TCP/IP, SMTP, DNS, LDAP, Firewall.
5. Experience with email server, i.e sendmail, postfix, Qmail, Exchange will be a plus.
6. Experience with Linux
7. Travel is required
8. Certification of CCNP, RHCE or MCSE is a plus

International Sales Manager/Specialist

1. Build up overseas channels, and generate new business opportunities.
2. Responsible for sales revenue and profit. Development of new customers and new projects.

1. Second foreign languages (except Mandarin) are necessary.
2. Bachelor or Master degree is necessary, major on International Trade or Foreign Languages and Literatures related.
3. Travel is required.

Sales Manager/Specialist

1. Regular visits to distribution customers to maintain stable customer relationships.
2. Responsible for domestic business contact and order processing.
3. Responsible for product quotation, business promotion, communication and explanation of major company news, activities and products.
4. Company assigned related business matters.

University or above, preferably with more than one year of relevant experience.

Internet Engineer

1. Website database related programming and maintenance management.
2. Web data presentation programming.
3. Various program API integration.
4.Other internal program development and maintenance.

1. High interest in programming development.
2. Willing to learn and proactively master in new technologies.
3. Self-discipline, self-confidence, initiative, good communication skill and responsible.
Skills needed:
- Programming language ability. (Such as PHP and JAVA)
- Web front-end program capabilities. (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
- Database management (SQL)
Bonus conditions:
- Experience in website programming.
- Experienced in Android or iOS APP development.

Web Application Manager

1. UI Design Engineer this position requires a strong background in user interface design.
2. A UI Design Engineer will work with product managers, user interface team members, software engineers, QA engineers and clients to design highly usable products.

1. Four to Five years of experience designing front end UI for software/Web application.
2. Familiar with HTML/Javascript, PHP, Flash. ActionScript (optional)
3. Familiar with database and query language (SQL).
4. Excellent communication and teamwork skills and ability to work independently.
5. Experience in User-centered design approach and user experiences.
6. Bachelor/Master degree in HCI, psychology, cognitive science, industrial engineering, or computer science is preferred.
Web Application Engineer

1. Develop web applications for web devices.
2. Plan the User Interface design.

1. Welcome Fresh graduates.
2. Familiar with Flex/Javascript DOM/Ajax, HTML, PHP/ASP and HTTP Protocol.
3. Professional knowledge in interactive interface design, web design experience is preferred.
4. High interest in email related applications.
5. Must have good teamwork and communication skills, and be able to work independently.
6. Familiar database design / SQL query language.
7. Those with more than one year experience in developing Web Application / Rich Internet Application are preferred.
8. Familiar with Flash Actionscript and Photoshop is preferred.

Cloud Computing Software Architect

As a Cloud Computing Software Architect you will provide technical leadership for Anti-spam Could Service team. You will research and develop a large-scale cloud service and machine learning algorithms on a parallel computing infrastructure. You will also help establish performance and technical standards for the systems we build and help drive Cellopoint's overall technical architecture, engineering practices and engineering methodologies. The ideal candidate will have strong distributed system and software design experience. You should have a thorough understanding of Internet protocols including TCP, DNS, and SMTP.

* BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent (PhD a plus)
* 5+ years of experience with cloud computing, machine learning and distributed systems
* Strong communication skills. Ability to create technical and architectural specifications, outline frameworks
* Strong skills in multithreading and multiprocessing
* Strong knowledge of algorithms
* Deep understanding of Ethernet, TCP/IP, SMTP, DNS, LDAP and Firewall
* Experience with data mining, machine learning and statistical analysis
* Experience with Hadoop/Hive/HBase, Google's BigTable, Amazon AWS or GridGain or any other large-scale MapReduce frameworks
* Experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Cloud Computing Software Engineer

We are looking for a top talent who wants to work on cloud computing, virtualization and distributed email content analyzing and indexing. You will be joining a bright team of engineers from top-schools and developing in-the-cloud services and distributed system software. You will act as the key member for Anti-spam Cloud Computing. This is an outstanding opportunity to join a team of brilliant engineers who are building the next-generations of email security technologies.

* BS/ MS in Computer Science or equivalent (PhD a plus)
* 2+ years of software design experience
* Strong management, organizational, planning, and communication skills
* Solid design, coding, and debugging skills (C/C++, PHP, Perl, JAVA)
* Understanding of Ethernet, TCP/IP, SMTP, DNS, LDAP and Firewall
* Experience with Hadoop/Hive/HBase, Google's BigTable, Amazon AWS or GridGain or any other large-scale MapReduce frameworks
* Experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Product Manager

1. Email Security Awareness Training
2. MSSP(Managed Security Service Provider)
3. On-Premises
4. Product Owner
5. Product Management

1. More than three years of relevant work experience.
2. Good at communication and coordination.