Overview of benefits


In order to attract the most talented people, Cellopoint has designed a bonus and benefits system which combines shared interests and technical R&D bonuses. Cellopoint aims to allow its employees to work with peace of mind under this system, striving together to create even higher business value.

• Annual salary adjustments based on individual performance
• Profit-based bonuses
• Employee stock options
• Annual end-of-year bonuses
• Patent application bonuses 
• Bug Bounty Program

Flexible working hours

Cellopoint offers flexible working hours and self-management, satisfying the demands of the business and of individuals.

Caring for employees

• Birthday gift bonuses
• Wedding and funeral courtesy bonuses
• Eight weeks maternity leave for female employees and Five days paternity leave for male employees/ Maternity benefits
• Regular employee health checkups

Work and life

Cellopoint believes “Employees are a business’s most valuable asset”. We believe that employees who achieve a proper balance between mental and physical activity, work and everyday life, produce the most effective and highest quality work. For this reason, Cellopoint strives to create a work environment that promotes physical, mental and spiritual health by organizing a variety of social activities, offering comprehensive employee health activities, and extending our concern for employees to their families. In this way, we hope to improve morale, work efficiency and product quality.

• Varied employee social activities and group allowances
• Sports and health activities
• Department dining activities and allowances
• Occasional employee travel activities
• Year-end dinner activities

Education and personal development

In the rapidly changing environment of the technology industry, further education and technical development is extremely important. Cellopoint provides a number of different types of training and education programs, allowing employees to study individually and preserving the free flow of information.

• Employee training and education programs – internal and external training curricula
• Employee library facilities
• Subsidized reading groups and book purchases

Career development plans

Promotion is of course one way in which we motivate employees, and we therefore offer many opportunities for employees to challenge themselves and move upwards and onwards.


In order to promote employee interaction and morale, we have a rest area with a mini-bar and sofas, where tea, coffee and snacks are provided free of charge.

Cellopoint continually strives to provide even better employee benefits, and our benefits package will be further developed over time.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in vacancies at Cellopoint or would like to learn more about Cellopoint’s benefits package, please contact our HR department.